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We try to update our online menus weekly
but as we print our restaurant menus daily certain dishes may vary.



Olivier(Traditional Russian Salad with Smoked Chicken, prawns and cucumber) - 12€
Herring with potatoes salad and carrots -12,00€
Terrine of goose liver with apple, pear and gingerbread -12,00€
Traditional marinated Salmon, Cut into thin slices, 3 different flavors - 14€
Grilled Octopus with a potato mash, mushrooms and a red pepper sauce -13,00
Homemade blinis with, smoked salmon, herring and smetana Fraiche -13,00€
Navarre tomato, tuna and sweet onion - €12
Truffled fried eggs with potatoes draniki and foie -11€
Burrata with Marinated Salmón with sauce -11€
Baby Squid with roasted garlic aioli and yellow pepper -12€
Caviar Royal -30gr 122€/50gr 195€
Caviar Imperial -30gr 143€/50gr 212€


Borsch (traditional russian beetroot soup) - 5€
Siberian Poxlebka (sturgeon, mushrooms and vegetables) - 5€


Pelmeni filled with chicken and smoked cheese with a avocado cream sauce and ryagenka - 14€


Our maitre informed you About fresh fish than we have today.
All prices are portion with garnish.


Veal neck sweetbreads with mustard sauce - 13,50€
Iberian pork with criolla salsa - 15€
Tefteli “Stroganoff” with champignon and cremed potato - 13,00€
Beef tenderloin with chimichurri sauce - 17€
Deer Tenderloin, pear chutney and a sauce of red fruits - 18€


“Grechka” (Saracen wheat) with mushrooms - 5€
Creamy Mashed potatoes with suluguni - 5€
Red potatoes with “mojo rojo” - 5€
Fried snow peas with citrus soy - 6€
Truffled polenta 5€ Fried carrots - 5€


Pear Poached with Vanilla, Pistacio Icecream and a Goatscheese Cream - 6,50€
Pavlova: Two Cremes of Raspberry and Blackberry with Merengue and a Green Apple Mousse - 6,50€
Baba Biscuit Soaked in Prune Liceur with a Mandarin Cream and a Fresh Cheese Icecream - 6,00€
Glazed Pineapple with Lime Sorbet and Coconut Cream - 6,00€
Selection of Cheeses with Fresh Fruits - 14,00€
Chocolate Fondant Filled with Apricot, accompanied with Vanilla Icecreme - 6,50€
Rigik: Tradicional Russian Cake with a Hint of Passion Fruit and Yogurt Icecreme - 6,00
Red fruits Gratinated with Sabayón of Cava - 7,00€


At these prices are including 10% VAT. Appetizer and bread € 1,50 per person.

Please notify a member of staff of any food allergies or special requirements.